Heather Rosser

Novelist, Memoirist and Educational Author

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Lord of the Rings  JRR Tolkien

I first read Lord of the Rings as a student and it was one of the few books Adrian and I chose to take when we set off for Nigeria just after the civil war there. Many years later we re-discovered Tolkien’s fantastic tale when we visited some of the New Zealand locations for the films created by Peter Jackson and his amazing team.

The Mirror Chronicles Ian Johnstone

Another trilogy still in the making is The Mirror Chronicles by Ian Johnstone. Twelve year old Sylas is summoned by the chiming of a giant bell that is a portal to another world. Breathtaking in scope, The Bell Between Worlds and Circles of Stone take the reader on a journey through a mirror world where imagination is the key to deciphering the ancient Samarok and understanding the connection between our two worlds.

Brushstrokes in Time Sylvia Vetta

A hauntingly powerful debut novel reminiscent of Wild Swans. Little Winter’s story takes us from Beijing to Berkley by way of the Stars’ Art Movement. Little Winter’s story is a window into the Chinese world of the seventies and eighties. Truth is often best told through fiction and Sylvia Vetta’s story tells it in spades.  Review by Journalist Linora Lawrence

Alexandra Fuller

I have enjoyed all her evocative memoirs of Rhodesia Zimbabwe and Zambia: Don’t lets go to the Dogs Tonight, Scribbling the Cat, Cocktail Hour Under the Tree of Forgetfulness and Leaving before the Rains Come.

Csardas   Diane Pearson

Like the Hungarian folk dance from which it is named, Csardas starts slowly  before the outbreak of the First World War then increases tempo as the Austro-Hungarian empire collapses. The story follows Jewish and other families through the beginnings of Communism to the end of the Second World War.

Hobbiton New Zealand