Heather Rosser

Novelist, Memoirist and Educational Author

© 2013 Heather Rosser


I write poetry to record scenes and events that have a particular impact on me.

My poem, The Bronze Chalice, was published in Poems in an Exhibition, an anthology of poems inspired by art in support of the charity, Standing Voice, and published by Oxford Folio in 2017.

The poem was inspired by a Bronze Chalice that was given to me on leaving Nigeria. I have recently passed on the chalice to my son-in-law, Ian Johnstone. The whole poem can be read in  Growing up in the Mandara Mountains.

The Bronze Chalice

Sitting cross-legged on his grass mat the Blacksmith

Chips away the clay mould with infinite care.

Squatting beside him, his Grandson watches

Mesmerised, as glimpses of bronze are revealed.

All afternoon the Boy watches, creeping closer,

Spellbound as an exquisite bronze chalice is revealed.

Cupping it in his hands the Grandfather

Solemnly gives it, his final creation, to the Boy.

When we moved to Oxford I recorded the wildlife in our garden throughout the seasons.

Winter Visitors

After the winter solstice passed the weather worsened;

The Bullstake and the Seacourt Streams both burst their banks,

Flooding the meadows, lapping our fence,

Swamping the flower beds and trickling down the pathway.

That afternoon the timid muntjac came;

Stepping delicately, eyes alert, sniffing, checking,

Seeking out the few slim shoots above the water level.

The bravest of the three paused, head erect,

On frost-covered grass and stared directly at me

Standing motionless, watching from the window.

In the morning my carefully planted tubs were bare.