Heather Rosser

Novelist, Memoirist and Educational Author

© 2013 Heather Rosser

Educational Books

I have written and edited Social Studies books for Botswana, Rwanda, Gambia, Ghana, Tanzania, Sudan, Ethiopia and the Caribbean.

My children’s story, The Koumboka Ceremony, has been well received in schools in Britain and Africa.

It is Grace and Jacob’s first visit to the Koumboka Ceremony on the banks of the Zambezi River. They befriend Eric, an orphan, and follow the royal barge along the river. There is an accident with one of the boats and Eric’s bravery saves the day.

My Social Studies Pupil’s and Teacher’s books have been used throughout Rwanda.

I had the opportunity to work with educationalists in South Sudan in producing books for the new primary school syllabus.

I have considerable experience in producing EFL materials including a series of course books for use by Wold School of English summer schools.

I am a member of the Society of Authors education group.